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Massage Fusion is a deep and intensive massage, being massaged in this style is an active process. You will work with the therapist in establishing the level and depth to which the massage can be taken, this intensity is likely to deepen with ongoing treatment. The results are incredible as tension is eliminated from the body and mind and body are free from tension and re-energized. We recommend min. 3 massage sessions for optimal results but after the 1st session, you will feel just fantastic! Sport and Swedish massage techniques are used, also Thai stretching techniques and hot bamboos. 


When you are satisfied with the result of the therapy, feel free to leave a kind review and we look forward to having you to the next session.

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 Massage Fusion 90 min.

  Highly recommended

              700 kr 


Fysiurgisk hot bamboo

From 390kr             

Sport massage

From 390 kr.             


From 390 kr.             

 Massage Fusion

From 700 kr.             


 Kære kunder

- Når du kommer ind i klinikken bedes du vaske dine hænder

-Tage smykker af inden behandlingen.

- Begræns tiden i venteværelset, kom direkt til din behandling.

-Før behandling, venlige bruge håndsprit som det står ved døren.

-Føler du dig sløj, forkølet mm bedes du vente med behandling.

- Betaling  via Mobilepay eller kontant.

- Det er en sko fri klinikk.

 Dear customers

- Please wash your hands when arrive.

- Take off jewelry before treatment.

- Come on time (not early) for your treatment. 

- Use hand sanitizer before entering the therapy room.

- If you feel sick, please reschedule.

- Payment with mobilepay or cash

- This is a shoe-free clinic.