Anbefalinger om fysisk aktivitet

Det er vigtigt, at du holder dig fysisk aktiv

It is recommended that adults between 18-64 should are active at least 30 minutes every day. The activity should be with moderate to high intensity.

A way to keep your body fit and in shape is Zumba. 

1 hour of mixed rhythm salsa, Afrobeat, Soca, Meringue, etc. We burn 4-500 calories without even realizing we are working out! There’s no rule but smile, dance, and enjoy the moment. Having fun and sweating out all your worries is the top priority. Zumba has been therapeutic for me and I hope you all can benefit from it. 

An hour of FUN + Stress release + Sweat = ZUMBA! 

Every class feels like a party! Come join us, I guarantee you will have a blast!